Wednesday, October 10: Return invited to the fence by Palestinians

On October 10, Return was invited to the Gaza fence by Palestinian activists for an event in support of the Great Return March and the right of return.

As Palestinians held a cultural event of traditional music and dancing in support of the right of return, the Israeli activists created a memorial by hanging pictures on the fence of Palestinian protestors executed by the Israeli army during the Great March of Return in previous months.

As the event took place, both group of activists were separated only by a a few dozen meters, and were able to see and speak to each other. Armed soldiers arrived and attempted to disperse the meeting. Activists from both sides chanted together to the rhythm of a drum, “free free Palestine”. The demonstrators left from both sides without incident, promising to meet each other again.

IMG-7430All our videos are taken by photographer Haim Schwarzenberg, who documents Israeli oppression in various struggles:


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