Feminists mark Women’s Day by joining the Great March of Return

Friday, March 8rd 2019, At the fence besieging the Gaza strip. To mark International women’s day, feminist activists from both sides of the fence besieging the Gaza strip, joined the Great March of Return.

The Jewish Women waved Palestinian flags and held a banner in Arabic that read “Jews for Return” which could be seen by the demonstrators in Gaza. They also carried pictures of the Palestinians shot dead by Israeli soldiers while participating in the Great March of Return. The activists east of the fence were pushed back by soldiers but continued their demonstration.

Rifka Alamya, feminist BDS activist from Gaza, greeted the feminist solidarity activists on the other side of the fence: “We as women are here on International Women’s days to demand our rights. We consider your presence here from the colonizing side as joint resistance to achieve our basic rights of freedom, Justice and equality.”

Sahar Vardi, (Jewish) Feminist activists, stated: “Women’s Day and feminism is about equality and right here, in the society that we’re in, the craziest inequality is the fact that a few hundred meters away from me Palestinians are protesting, demanding their rights, demanding a right for return, and what they’re receiving is being shot at and we can hear the shots from here and people are being killed. “

An Israeli sniper shot and killed Tamer Khaled Arafat, 23 years old, during the protest and Israeli soldiers injured another 24 protesters.

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