Palestinians and Israelis call to Boycott Eurovision from the Gaza Apartheid Fence

Al Orjwan Shurrab, an activist from “We are not numbers” in Gaza, spoke by phone to Israeli solidarity activists on the other side of the fence about “Gaza Vision”: “The whole world needs to know that Israel is whitewashing its crimes against humanity and its crimes in Gaza and in the occupied territory. We ask all our supporters to boycott the Eurovision and instead to focus on the great singers of Gaza.”

Israeli Anti Zionist activist Naama Farjoun agreed: “It is very clear that as long as the Palestinian people are living under occupation, under siege, are being killed, are not being given their most basic human rights no such celebrations should be taking place in Israel.”

Israeli Anti Zionist activists joined the Great March of Return at the fence that besieges the Gaza strip on the 3rd of May despite the occupation forces’ attempts to prevent them. The activists arrived at a hill east of the fence besieging the Gaza strip. From the top of hill they could see the Gazan protesters in the Malaka return camp on the other side of the fence and the protesters imprisoned inside Gaza could see the Palestinian flags being raised on their ancestral lands beyond the fence. The Israeli military detained Twenty of the Israeli demonstrators and Israeli police arrested two of them. “This is Apartheid,” said one the activists after her release. “On the Israeli side protesters are arrested and released after a few hours while on the Palestinian side protesters are murdered maimed and besieged in a ghetto. We are free to go but unfortunately the people in Gaza are not.”

Israeli snipers murdered two Palestinians in the protests on Friday the 3rd: Raed Abu Tir, 19, from Khan Younis, and Ramzi Abdo, 31, from Bureij. Raed was walking with the help of crutches when he was shot. The occupation forces injured 116 others, among them 39 children, four women, four medics, and a journalist; 35 were hit by live bullets and two were said to be in critical condition. After the demonstration the occupation forces began a terror campaign of aerial bombings of the besieged strip from the air and killed 25 Palestinians, including two pregnant women and two toddlers, and wounded 154 others since Friday, and caused extensive destruction.
(source Waffa News)

For more information about the Return Solidarity:

For more information about We Are Not Numbers:

For more information on Gaza Vision:

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