About Return


Return is a group of anti-Zionist Israelis working in solidarity with Palestinians in support of the Great March of Return.

Our principles are as following:

  • Anti-oppression: Return opposes any form of bigotry and supports full equality of all people. Within Return we do not accept any form of oppression including, but not limited to, discrimination based on ethnicity, physical appearance, origin, gender, gender identity, sexuality, physical ability, age, and religion. This is to ensure safe spaces for all our members, and that our actions, and the actions of those within Return, do not serve to support or perpetuate other racist or bigoted behaviours, practices, or structures. We expect all members to adhere to these beliefs and take a stance against Zionism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and all other forms of bigotry.
  • Palestinian-led: Our role is in support the Palestinian popular anti-colonial liberation struggle and to work in solidarity with Gazans with the Great March of March. We organize actions in response to calls from Palestinian activist groups and coordinate with them. This includes adhering to the international BDS movement, a non-violent Palestinian initiative that urges pressure on Israel until it adheres international law. We are a non-hierarchical movement and do not have individual leaders. In Return, we differentiate solidarity from saviourship.
  • Nonviolence: We believe that nonviolent actions are a powerful tool in fighting oppression, occupation and apartheid, and are committed to the principles of nonviolent resistance. Return activists abstains from all physical and verbal violence. The repercussions of violent words and actions would not only affect us as members, more importantly it would affect Palestinian communities. Our non-violent approach does not mean that we have the right to dictate to Palestinians how to resist military occupation and apartheid.
  • Consensus: We use consensus in all decisions. Though the consensus process takes effort and time, this way of working leads to full participation, and ensuring that our actions are group actions, and no one is forced to be a part of any action they disagree with.

All our videos are taken by photographer Haim Schwarzenberg, who documents Israeli oppression in various struggles. Please go to his website to discover more of his work.