August 24: Demonstration on Gaza fence


On Friday, 24th of August, Return demonstrated from the Eastern side of the Gaza fence in solidarity with the weekly Great March of Return in Gaza, which took place for the 22nd Friday in a row. Return activists were quickly forcibly removed from the area, but got to a hill where they waved multiple Palestinian flags and were seen by demonstrators on the other side of the fence.

This week’s demonstration on both sides of the fence demanded an end to the Israeli policy of targeting medics and accountability for the medics who have been injured and murdered while providing medical assistance during the protests. According to World Health Organization (WHO) and health officials in Gaza, at least 52 health workers have been injured while providing first aid to the wounded during the Marches, most while wearing clothing identifying them as medics. Three health workers have been killed.

“We arrived to demonstrate in solidarity with the Palestinian demonstration on the other side of the fence. We got stopped by the soldiers and we couldn’t get close, but we could get to this sort of hill here from which they can see us waving the Palestinian flag. All of us here, Jews and internationals are here to support the right of return.

When people are deported or flee for their lives in times of war or conflict, they have an universally recognized right to return to their towns and villages of origins, their homes, after the war is over. Israel has been denying Palestinians of this right for 70 years, they’ve been robbing their land, robbing their property. We think that if people will be allowed to return to their original places, we could get our lives together and live as neighbors in equality.” Yossi, a Return activist.

Return demonstrators as seen through the smoke from the Gaza side of the fence (Photo credit: Voices Against Israeli Apartheid)


All our videos are taken by photographer Haim Schwarzenberg, who documents Israeli oppression in various struggles. Please go to his website to discover more of his work.