December 22: Mother of Razan AlNajar, meets with Israeli Anti-Zionists at fence

December 22, 2018, the 39th week of the Great March of Return, anti-Zionist Israeli activists joined Palestinian protestors at Khuza’a Return protest camp from the east side of the fence. Soldiers shot live rounds to prevent the activists from reaching the fence. Despite the military’s aggression, a phone conversation was held with Sabrine al-Najjar, the mother of Razan al-Najjar. She recognized the BDS movement as a positive factor in ending the occupation and contributing to the Palestinian cause of freedom and equality.
Razan was killed on June 1, 2018 while she was serving as a medic at the weekly Friday protests. Her family are refugees from the village of Salome, now part of Tel Aviv’s south-eastern neighborhoods.

The Israeli activists also brought Palestinians flags and pictures of 4-year old Ahmed Yasser Abu ‘Aabed who died of his wounds after Israeli soldiers shot him in his eye and abdomen on the December 7 protest near Khan Younis.