February 8: An end to racism, we can see it

On Friday February 8th 2019, despite the occupying military’s attempts to prevent it, another demonstration took place on both sides of the Israeli made fence besieging the Gaza strip. Palestinian BDS activists welcomed Israeli anti-Zionist demonstrators as family, friends and comrades. Adel Mahmoud told the Israeli protesters over the phone: “We and you both want a democratic state without occupation, without racism, without Zionism. We can see you. And we can see it.”

Beyond the fence that separates them from their freedom, Palestinian demonstrators of the Great March of Return could see their flag raised and see, that some, even though they are few, do hear their cries and support their just demands for freedom, equality and return. Dozens of Israeli Anti-Zionist protesters went to join the protest of the Palestinians besieged in the Gaza strip. The occupation’s military forces blocked the protesters on their way to the Ghetto fence. And while the occupation’s soldiers succeeded in preventing access to most of the group, a few of the protester managed to get beyond the military’s blockade to the meeting point, where, from their Palestinian hosts where waiting for them and could see them. The Israeli military forcefully removed the demonstrators on the outside of the Ghetto fence and used illegal, excessive force on the protesters inside the Ghetto. The soldiers shot dead a child and a teenager. Hasan Iyad Shalabi, and Hamza Mohammad Shteiwi. May they rest in peace and power. Since The Great March of Return began the Israeli occupying forces have killed over 220 demonstrators and injured over 23 thousand