Call to action: March 30, solidarity with the Great March of Return

This is a message to all supporters of justice and human values around the world. Beginning from March 30, 2018, tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees from the Gaza Strip have been taking part in peaceful demonstrations.

Israeli occupation soldiers, without facing a real threat, confronted these non-violent demonstrations using excessive violence—until this moment, Israeli occupation soldiers killed 220 of these non-violent protestors. They also injured tens of thousands, hundreds of which lost limbs, became disabled or paralysed. Therefore, we call upon all supporters of justice and human values around the world to take a stand and raise their voices for the oppressed, whose lives have been taken by Israel time after time. First they took their life by expelling them from their lands in 1948, and then they took their life a second time by occupying them, and then they took their life with the siege, and finally took their life with bullets.

This is an invitation to supporters of justice around the world to raise their voices on March 30th, a year since the Great March of Return began. We ask all supporters of justice to organise demos or interactive activities that deliver the message of the oppressed to decision makers around the world; that the voice of the victims must be heard and their suffering must end immediately. International resolutions that will bring them justice and grant them their rights must be implemented. Do not hesitate to be on the side of justice, do not hesitate to stand on the right side of history.

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